Room Escape is a real-life Adventure Game!

You are to escape a locked room. There are clues all around you; each clue leads to a series of other clues. However, you must use logic and intelligence to notice them and solve them. Eventually, one clue will lead you to the key… HOORAY!? Not so fast. Escape Mission offers a series of rooms within each game. You’ve only escaped room number one. There are still two, three, four, and five. Can you get out fast enough? Come join us for 50:00 minutes of fun and adventure!

Seriously... What's Room Escape?

Room escape game originated as a first-person computer game. The objective of the game is to escape a locked, enclosed room with provided clues and hints in a given period of time.

Here is a complete theme. A theme consists of 5 stages. Completion of one stage leads to the next stage. Each stage is a sealed room, with only one exit, but the door is locked. There are clues hidden in each room that leads to a series of other clues. Eventually, one clue will lead to the key, which unlocks the door to the next stage. Players will start in room #1. The objective is to try and pass all stages in the theme within the time frame.

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Book MissionsPrice ($/player)
Regular Price
Price ($/player)
Summer Special
Required PlayersDuration
The Castle $20 $15 2-5 45 min
Dragon Lodge $25 $15 3-8 60 min
Great Pharaohs $25 $15 3-8 60 min
Call of Duty $25 $15 3-8 60 min

You are required to pay full payment upon arrival


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